This is the professional personal website of me, Matthias.

Matthias Geisler, April 2021

I like to refer to my professional self as an Open Web Craftsman—hence the domain name for this hand-crafted website 🙃.

I’m a Freelance Developer, Technical Architect and Consultant, living in and working remotely from Donauwoerth in Bavaria, Germany. I have more than 20 years of hands-on (think: dirty hands) software development experience, with a focus on the "web stack" in online commerce. For building and assembling solutions I usually exclusively lean towards leveraging open source technologies and cloud-native products and services. I've also done a fair amount of technical project management and strategy consulting amongst several industries. I initially started out with a Degree in Business Information Technology.

I’m passionate about free software—free as in "freedom of speech" or libre—and open hardware, as well as the Small Web, Linux/ Unix/ BSDs and open source software in general.

Curious? Here's what what I'm doing now

Wanna Get in touch?

Mail me at hey@openwebcraft.com or hit me up on the Interwebs, preferably on the Fediverse: Mastodon (@matthiasgeisler@mastodon.social); IF NEED BE on Twitter or Keybase.