How to mount an ext4 Linux USB drive on macOS in 2024

How hard can it be, right? 🧐

Well… coming from years of daily driving Linux I first had to remember: it's probably not as straight fwd. as it should be—at least IMO.

I rather quickly stumbled on this great post from Jeff:
Mounting an ext4 linux USB drive on macOS in 2024 —such a great title 😉

I skipped Jeff's approach (macfuse), and went straight for the approach outlined in the comments—to go w/ macos-fuse-t:

brew install pkg-config
brew tap macos-fuse-t/homebrew-cask
brew install fuse-t

git clone && cd "$(basename "$_" .git)"

locate fuse.h
/Library/Application Support/fuse-t/include/fuse/fuse.h

# vi Makefile 
CFLAGS  += $(shell pkg-config fuse-t --cflags) -DFUSE_USE_VERSION=26 -std=gnu99 -g3 -Wall -Wextra
CFLAGS  += -I"/Library/Application Support/fuse-t/include/fuse"


diskutil list

mkdir ~/ext4_mount
sudo ./ext4fuse /dev/disk6s1 ~/ext4_mount -o allow_other