This is a now page that describes the things I’m focusing in at the moment.
If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page.

What I’m doing now

I’m home in Donauwoerth, Germany.

How I spend my day (in order of time spent):

  • family (i.e. parenting our two children and our dog 🐾, homeschooling, house & gardening duties, …)
  • remote technology consulting (limited hours, fixed commitments)
  • 🏃️ running—currently more going for a walk 🦮, some crossfit
  • family…
  • nerdy side projects (Linux on Mobile ARM64, elementary OS, OpenBSD, #webdev, #perfmatters, #devops, #offlinefirst, #p2p, #smallweb, #smalltech, IoT, Raspberry Pi, …)
  • family…
  • optimizing my everyday carry (#edc), actually rather collecting 🤣
  • family…

Those are my priorities.

What I’m currently not doing

  • freelance work (REMOTE) I currently say no to all project inquiries