Introducing Trimir Journal—Your personal activity "Tricorder" for elementary OS

Screenshot Trimir Journal in App Center for elementary OS 6 Odin

Designed and built for personal text journaling and activity tracking on elementary OS.

  1. Write a diary, log your activities, keep track of your metrics.
  2. Search, filter and evaluate your journal—your life.

Features & Screenshots

Screenshot Trimir Journal Welcome
  • Backup and restore your journal to and from a JSON file

The JSON shape is intended to be compatible to the backup/ restore shape from ZenJournal. HOWEVER in the more recent version(s?) of ZenJournal the JSON shape changed and also got wrapped into a gzip archive (assets/log.json along w/ any embedded image assets)—I'm currently working on supporting both shapes, the legacy JSON and gzipped JSON. So stay tuned for an udpate.

Trimir Journal not created by, affiliated with, or supported by ZenJournal. I just happen to be a VERY satisfied ZenJournal user 😀️.

Screenshot Trimir Journal Log List  (Dark Mode)
  • Write expressive journal entries with emoijs, organized with hashtags, i.e. "#linux rocks 😎️"
  • Search your journal
  • Filter your journal by hashtag
Screenshot Trimir Journal Log List with Chart  (Dark Mode)
  • Render timeline charts when filtering for "metric tags", i.e. a hashtag followed by a number with optional unit (e.g. "#Trailrun 5km")


Get it on AppCenter

…or open right away in AppCenter application on elementary OS 6.