Delta Chat—Chat over e-mail

The team of the open source messenger application Delta Chat just recently released their iOS client…

Delta Chat Screenshots of Android, Desktop and iOS, src:

Delta Chat really is such a brilliant and well executed-upon idea: instant messaging over email—as in IMAP, SMTP—while still rocking end-to-end encryption (via rPGP) and most importantly: a great UX for non-tech users.

The team of Delta Chat has really done an amazing job in developing a suite of client application for nearly all*) major operating system, both desktop and mobile —›

  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • iOS (App Store and Beta via Testflight)
  • Android (Play Store and *.apk download)

*) the BSDs being the exception, for now

If you're—like me—an email fan-boy and into federation and decentralization ☝️THIS is a MUST to try out, seriously!!

So far the user experience—even on multiple devices–is really great. As an example: I've just successfully setup two (Autocrypt capable) devices to use the same account.

  1. create backup of chats in client/ app on one device, store on shared (network/ cloud) storage
  2. install app on 2nd devices
  3. import chats from back
  4. on first devices Advanced settings / Send Autocrypt Setup message
  5. receive "Autocrypt Setup Message" *) on 2nd devices along w/ prompt for security number—once entered one is good to go for sending and receiving E2E-encrypted messages with your communication partners on both devices. 😎️

*) Note: the "Autocrypt Setup Message" will appear in your INBOX folder