elementary OS 6 "Odin" on 12" MacBook8,1

elementary OS 6 Beta on 12" MacBook8,1

I first tried various early access builds as well as the Betas (1 and 2) in demo mode (a.k.a live)—see screenshot above.

With the release candidate (RC) elementaryos-6.0-stable.20210805-rc.iso built and made available to GitHub Sponsors on Thu, Aug 5, 2021 I decided that it was finally time to install to disk—though the official release has already been announced for next Tuesday, only three days as of writing.

I failed to install using the default "Erase Disk and Install" option b/c of a libdistinst error:

ERROR: libdistinst: pointer in EFI is null
ERROR: errored while installing system: paritition valdiation: the ESP paritition must be at least 256 MiB in size

I tracked down the error message to libdistinst .

I even found a somewhat related issue and a pull request for the elementary installer—both findings didn't help 🤷.

Packet w/ this additional knowledge I figured that creating my own partition layout should be a feasible way to go. In order to verify this approach, I first installed Pop! OS by System76—which worked like a charm (as usually).

I then re-used the paritition created by the Pop! OS installer for installing elementary OS 6 via the "Custom Install (Advanced)" option.

Unfortunately—again—this didn't work out right away. While the installer seemed to successfully complete the installation, the boot loader (Grub) wasn't able to boot b/c it couldn't find the kernel. 🤔

As I did choose a encrypted (LUKS) partition I figured the installer might not have properly configured Grub.

To verify this assumption I removed the encryption… and the installation and 1th boot succeeded!

Welcome elementary OS 6 on my MacBook.

I guess, I now prepreated for the official release... this coming Tuesday 😎