iPad & Debian Regolith Desktop on Shells.com

Screenshot iPad Air running Regolith Desktop on Debian Bullseye in Shells.com

Create a Shell Plus (2vCPU, 4 GB RAM) Shell w/ Debian Bullseye GNOME.

Install Regolit Desktop 2.1 .

Configure default GNOME session (XSession=regolith) for your user (here matthias):

# /var/lib/AccountsService/users/matthias

Adjust keybinds for your user by switching super from the windows key to alt as per usage advice :

# ~/.config/regolith2/Xresources
i3-wm.mod: Mod1
i3-wm.alt: Mod4

Switch the look (theme) to Dracula:

sudo apt install regolith-look-dracula
regolith-look set dracula
regolith-look refresh