Modding my ZT 0230+0235 with Micarta Scales from RGT

No doubt, I was really—like REALLY—excited when my prefered knife online shop Altonaer Silber Werkstatt anounced that they are stocking micarta scales from Ripps Garage Tech (RGT) for the Zero Tolerance 0230 and Zero Tolerance 0235, both Jens Ansø designs.

The ZT 0230 can be considered like the production version of the Jens Ansø Monte Carlo.

And it is safe to say, that both knifes (the Jens Ansø Monte Carlo) and the Jens Ansø Casino are my Grail Knifes.

But.... I'm not yet wearing the Grail Knife Achievement Unlocked Patch—so far "only" owning both of the ZT knifes. 😜️

So far so good, BUT... I'm not—and never was, likely never will be—a fan of the looks of carbon as a material, in particular for knife scales. Nope. Not. At. All. 😞️

Hence the excitement for the possibility to mod both knives with micarta scales and a stonewashed wire clip.

As for the micarta variants I opted for Burlap and Canvas OD green (both clip compatible).

RGT Micarta Scale Set  (Burlap, Canvas OD Green) & RGT Stonewash Clip in packaging

Oh boy, was I blown away by the manufacturing perfection of the product.

Modding of ZT 0235 w/ RGT Scale Sets, RGT Stonewash Clips & Vero Fulcrum

The modding was easy and fun and thankfully to me not messing anything up (it seems) the result is just BEAUTIFUL.

Final modded ZT0230 & ZT0235 w/ RGT Micarta Scales
Final modded ZT0230 & ZT0235 w/ RGT Micarta Scales & RGT Stonewash Clip

Couldn't be happier with how they turned out.