OpenBSD on Protonet Maya

Protonet Maya

Photo src ref: Protonet Press Materials. Free for editorial use.

I always planed on using my Protonet Maya server as a fanless *nix desktop system. So, after a short test w/ stock Debian on to OpenBSD


Almost boring. Just works! 🐡👍


Basically, one just follows the excellent OpenBSD Installation Guide, starting w/ download and verify—of course! 🤓

# Ubuntu Distrobox on Fedora Silverblue/ Bluefin
cd ~/Downloads

# download
curl -o

# verify checksum (transit)
sudo apt install hashalot

curl -o

sha256sum install74.img

# verfiy cryptographically (contents)
sudo apt install signify-openbsd signify-openbsd-keys

curl -o
curl -o

signify-openbsd -Cp ./ -x SHA256.sig install74.img 

Then, …

  1. burn to USB stick (e.g. via Balena Etcher),
  2. boot from USB (get access to Maya's BIOS by pressing Del key),
  3. and choose (I)nstall and follow the instructions,
  4. finally (R)eboot.

Next up: profit! 💪‍


I usually start by following OpenBSD Amsterdam's Finishing touches, followed by Roman's guides on OpenBSD as a server:

su -

# Update fstab(5) to add noatime:
maya# cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.bak
maya# sed -i 's/rw/rw,noatime/' /etc/fstab

# Add username to groups staff and _shutdown: 
maya# usermod -L staff matthias
maya# usermod -G _shutdown matthias

# Update login.conf(5) to increase memory limits:
maya# cp /etc/login.conf /etc/login.conf.bak
maya# sed -i 's/datasize-cur=1536M/datasize-cur=8192M/' /etc/login.conf

# Add username to /etc/doas.conf:
maya# echo 'permit matthias' > /etc/doas.conf
maya# echo 'permit nopass keepenv root as root' >> /etc/doas.conf

# Install additional packages:
maya$ pkg_add curl git neofetch

# Install tailscale
doas pkg_add tailscale
doas rcctl enable tailscaled
doas rcctl start tailscaled
doas tailscale up --ssh
Screenshot GNOME Terminal on Fedora Silverblue/ Bluefin running neofetch via ssh on maya


  • Maybe Docker (via vmd) 🤔