Pimping my SAK—The SwissQlip

I was intrigued by the idea of pimping my Spartan PS SAK w/ a pocket clip…

So, back in July 2019, I backed the Indiegogo Campaign for "SwissQlip: Make the greatest multitool even better".

A stainless steel pocket clip engineered to fit on most 91mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

The campaign—by US company Stat Gear—was highly successful, funded in under 24 hours.

Thankfully—based on feedback from the backer community—the original design was revised to an even more sleek design ensuring a fully deep-carry experience. Yay!

I opted for the black version w/ out engraving.

I received the SwissQlip this week.

SwissQlip Packaging, accessories and sticker

Attaching it to my Spartan PS was easy. The packaging even included a mini Philips screw driver. Though I would clearly prefer receiving my gear (or gadgets) w/ out these "extras" (screw drivers, USB cabels, etc.) —for environmental/ sustainability reasons, of course.

Victorinox Spartan PS with SwissQlip

So far, I must say, I'm pretty impressed by the build quality as well as the utility factor.

With this pimping, I added the SAK into my EDC knive rotation, again. 😎️

Victorinox Spartan PS with SwissQlip

The SwissQlip can now be bought from Stat Gear's website.