Sxmo—Simple and Suckless X Mobile Pinephone UI

Just yesterday I stumbled on the Hacker News post about Sxmo: Simple X Mobile – A Pinephone UI that is simple and suckless. I needed to try this out, OF COURSE…

Tiling window manager (Suckless' dwm) as a mobile Linux phone UI… tailor made Pinephone button actions… swipe gestures… context menu (Suckless' dmenu)… onscreen keyboard… scripts… 🤓️

All this is especially interesting to me, as I'm using suckless programs (st, dmenu; though not dwm but i3-gaps) on my daily driver (as of writing a ThinkPad T25 running REGOLITH on top of Pop!_OS).

Installation went smoothly, afterwards login screen is greeting:

Pinephone running Sxmo, login screen

The overall experience is certainly interesting, to say the least.

Pinephone running Sxmo, neofetch and dmenu apps

While I clearly wouldn't want to use this as my main mobile phone interface, I will totally consider this as a preferred UI for ultra-mobile (a.k.a. "on the go") terminal usage (think: ssh'ing into servers).

But then—unfortunaltely—I had to wipe the device in order to (yet again) switch OS. This time to Ubuntu Touch (UBports), as I'm looking fwd. to test the OTA feature

Well, I guess one Pinephone is simply not enough for me 🤷