Tailscale—Mesh VPN

I'm quite exited by the idea as well as the team behind Tailscale: a mesh VPN—claiming and aiming for "Private networks made easy [finally]"…

Screenshots Tailscale iOS & macOS, src: tailscale.com

Tailscale is a mesh VPN that makes it easy to connect your devices, wherever they are. No more fighting configuration or firewall ports.

I learned about Tailscale this week from my Twitter timeline—actually by multiple, "high profile" signals.

It's making use of WireGuard, w/ services and glue code implemented in Go, supports multiple SSO provider (for now I'm using Google)… and will eventually open-sourced (at some point).

The use cases/ solutions it can be applied to, really seem endless… 🤔️

  • simple VPN for remote offices—of course I'm thinking co-working spaces ;-)
  • seamless connectivity to dev/ stage machine of yours or co-worker, especially in remote/ distributed teams
  • create a mesh network of your IoT embedded device fleat—think Raspberry Pi et al.
  • create a mesh network of distributed—even multi-cloud—(micro) services and APIs

Settings up Tailscale is simple and absolutely straight forward—for me so far only on Linux and iOS—but for your likely as simple on macOS, Windows (Android coming soon-ish) —› Getting Started with Tailscale

Next up: Setting up Tailscale on Raspberry Pi