Website Tech—2021 Edition

I use Kirby, a file-based content management system written in PHP, to edit the content of the 2021 "edition" of my website.

I bought Manuel a coffee for his Blog Theme I, which is a copy, or rather snapshot, of Manuel's personal website. I really dig the simplicity of the theme: no options, no JavaScript, no custom webfonts, no social meta tags. It's all about content and a teeny tiny bit of thoughful and elegant styling. It does come with an RSS feed, even a JSON feed 🤓.

I write my content mostly in Markdown, though more and more sprinkled with Kirby Text.

I then generate compose a static version of the site.

Both, Kirby and the static site are served by the httpd(8)/httpd.conf(5) webserver from OpenBSD. Here's a outline of my config (with inline comments).

I'm hosting the site on a VM—as of writing freshly sysupgrade'd to OpenBSD 6.9-stable—on vmm(4)/vmd(8) at OpenBSD Amsterdam.

Lastly, in case you wondered what the legacy site tech looked like: for years I was using HUGO, an open-source static site generator. And I was using Netlify for automated building and publishing the website, triggered by committing to Git.